Discover Our Story

Our Cunningham family are originally from South Carolina. In the late 1880’s our ancestors Fred and Nancy cunningham made the trip from South Carolina to try find a place they could call their own. They settled in area we now call Happy Bend in the Arkansa River valley. The family farmed and raised livestock and started a community. That from time to time celebrated with have barbecue cook offs with their neighbors. This community was a very close group as they were mostly related family members. Our grandfather and grandmother Sir Walter Cunningham and Cythnia Cunningham gave our generation the foundation for the Cunningham barbecue sauce. The recipe has been in our family for over 100yrs. We still today own the land that our great great grandfather settled on and we still raise livestock and do a little farming. We the younger generation are trying carry own the Cunningham traditions. 

So we hope you enjoy our products as we take an enormous amount of pride in our name and traditions.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity for us to serve your family our products.